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About Us

About Us

Velociter Invest is growing Estonian trading and technical service company. We supply industrial electric, equipment for mining, minerals processing as well as raw materials and spare parts for it. We provide appropriate technical consultancy and service. Company is also engaged in ammonia, nitrates, fertilizes and natural gas trading.


Our activity is spreading together with the appearance of new products on the market and potential interest of our customers. Thanks to extensive network of contacts and partnerships, our company has acquired considerable  knowledge of Baltics, Eastern European and Customs Union markets, and has become the ’’the reference’’ for certain product line.


At Velociter Invest our goal is to supply top quality products and services at competitive price to our customers. Our sales engineers make it their mission to provide fast, reliable, and friendly service related to equipment, machinery and appliances. We cover all phases, from planning and development of equipment and machinery to delivery and maintenance, all tailored to our customers’ unique needs.

Our advisory team provides a comprehensive suite of services complimented by deep  knowledge of the products, logistics and finance. We can assist with promoting and fulfill comprehensive solutions suitable for our clients needs.