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Belt-conveyor automatic continuous weigher

Belt-conveyor with automatic continuous weigher  designed to maintain the specified values of mass  dose of loose materials per time unit (productivity) in the technological lines in cement production, metallurgy, mining, chemical and other industries.

Basic Technical Specification

Band width, mm1000±15
The greatest limit of volumetric productivity, at a bulk density – 1.0 t / m3 and angle of natural repose – 35оС, m3 / h1,6-200
The greatest limit of the weight productivity corresponding to the parametric series Ra10, t / h200
The smallest performance limit,% of the maximum performance limit10
The highest linear density of the dosed material, kg / m125
Nominal speed of the conveyor belt, m / s0,4
The maximum speed of the conveyor belt, m / s0,5

Average service life, years, not less than

Probability of failure-free operation for a period of not less than 9,000 hours90%