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Ore processing equipment

Horizontal vacuum crystallizers


Vacuum crystallizers, designed for potassium chloride crystallization by cooling down hot concentrated solution while boiling it under vacuum and evaporating part of the dissolving liquor.

Highly-productive compact thickeners

High-performance compact thickeners used for thickening (dehydrating) and clarification, as hydroseparators, tailings thickeners in mining and chemical industry as well as for sewage purification.

Band vacuum filters

Belt vacuum filter is designed for filtrating quickly-precipitating suspensions with heterogeneous solid phase in chemical and other industries.

Machines with agitator

 Used in mining processing and chemical industries for reagent solutions preparation,  pulp conditioning with reagents, deslimation and dilution processes and etc




Hydroseparators are designed for condensation of concentrating suspensions of plants in order to obtain clarified brine and separating it from the thickened sludge in the production of potash and other fertilizers.

Pneumatic ejector flotation machines

Pneumoejector machines are used in mineral processing on the main, control and cleaning flotation stages  for process automation, increasing processing effectiveness and reducing  energy cost.