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Highly-productive compact thickeners

High-performance compact thickeners used for thickening (dehydrating) and clarification, as hydroseparators, tailings thickeners in mining and chemical industry as well as for sewage purification. In potassium industry they are used for sludge  and saline products thickening, as result receiving  filtered clarified mother liquor.

Velociter Invest can offer hydroseparators and tailing thickeners with the diameter of 10 and 18 meters, other diameters also possible on customer request.

Flotation pulp thickeners are equipped with system of foam removal. Thickeners has central driving gear of mechanical rabble for effective removal of liquid and air. The control system designed for operating the process of saline solutions purification. Solutions are then returned into the technological process. Modern materials used for chemical protection of the vessel of thickeners allows  clarification and thickening of hot pulps at temperatures up to 105 °C.


  • High specific capacity;
  • High density of thickened sludge;
  • Possibility to adjust and maintain the clarified layer
  • Full automation of the thickener;
  • Require less space for  installation.
  • After implementing minor modifications thickeners also can be used as hydroseparators for pulp desludging.