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Horizontal vacuum crystallizers

Vacuum crystallizers are designed for potassium chloride crystallization by cooling down hot concentrated solution while boiling it under vacuum and evaporating part of the dissolving liquor.

Basic Technical Specification

Operating media – potassium chloride pump containing:
KCL, %11-20
NaCL, %13-17
MgCL +CaCL, %5
CaSO, %up to 0,1
Density of liquid phase, kg/m31250
Dinamic viscosity, Pas0,8 – 2,5х102
Temperature of parent solution, ℃112
Temperature of mother solution,  ℃20 – 30
Capacity in parent solution, t/hour2300
Discharging pressure0,2х102 – 5,81х102
Total storage capacity of process vessel, m3160
Work volume, m3110
Process vessel mass, kg65000
Process vessel mass in operation condition, kg220000