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Pneumatic ejector flotation machines

Pneumoejector machines are used in mineral processing on the main, control and cleaning flotation stages. It provides the following advantages:
– high technical efficiency due to process selectivity and high density of froth product;
– reduction of energy consumption;
– low capital and operating costs;
– the ability to automate the process.

An important feature of ejector flotation machine is flotation process high intensity, that is given by:

  • the usage of aerator ejector, that gives high pulp aeration stage both in degree of the amount of sucked in air and in the degree of air bubbles dispersion;
  • significant and sudden pressure differential in the ejector aerator (from3 atm to 0 atm)
  • smooth movement of aerated pulp from the bottom upwards which accelerates the floating of mineralized bubbles and increases the efficiency of the machine.
  • Our company can offer pneumatic ejector flotation machines of different sizes according to the customer’s demand.